"I feel musical, rhythmic and coordinated for the first time in my life...more body confidence."

 Michelle Indianer, Integrative Psychiatrist

"My sense of self has shifted this year - more confidence - deeper happiness"

 Oshi, Speech Pathologist

"I have gained a freer sense of movement throughout my entire body, a greater, deeper relaxation of movement while playing, stepping, clapping and singing."

 Peter Greenwood, Musician and Orff teacher

"I have begun to understand the language of music."

 Beatrice Phair, Chef and former school teacher

"A new world is opening."

 Cheryl Eichner, Feldenkrais Instructor

"My coordination has greatly improved. I am learning to get out of my head."

 Margaret More, Storyteller and Business Consultant

"I've learned to lighten up on myself when learning something new, and to have patience and a sense of humor if I don't get a new element right away."

 Holly Blue Hawkins, Writer & Teacher

"...To deal with difficult emotions and feelings with more acceptance."

 Pilar Marti, Counselor

"Starting to learn how to relax in my body. Feeling comfortable in a group of people. Learning how to let shadows move through. Embracing the joy of rhythm and movement."

 Yahdi Beckwitt, Awareness Facilitator

"I came here for personal growth. I came closer to understanding the philosophy of my own life."

 Kathleen Baginski, Gardener and Massage Practitioner

"I have learned how I connect to the earth, to the space around me, with others."

 SatI, Hawaiian Massage Therapist

"A walk along a path of rhythm and movement leading me on a transformative journey toward inner balance and healing."

 Joyce Lounsberry, Nurse and Doctoral Student in Transpersonal Psychology

"Profound energetic healing around my family's energetic pattern. Feel more connected to Mother Earth."

 Deborah Johnson, Spiritual Healer

"A deeper relationship to my body. A deeper sense of myself as being worthy in the world."

 Debra Houston, Psychotherapist
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