Mandala Drum


The Mother Drum is a heartbeat, a large bass drum (see above picture) on which a group of people can unite in sound. Traditionally this kind of drum is used for gatherings, ceremony, prayer, chants, dances and pow-wows. Over the past three years use of the Mother Drum has grown to provide the heartbeat in DiRRiD–Dance in Rhythm-Rhythm in Dance.

Playing this drum provides basic knowledge of drumming with sticks, and brings clarity, grounding, and focus into group movements. The drum is hip height, comfortable for playing and stepping around, perfect for sharing chants and both simple and complex rhythms. Mandala Drummers create blossoms of movement and music, dancing and drumming at the same time--a deeply nourishing experience which also increases rhythmical abilities.

Once basic techniques of playing this drum are studied, the drummer can easily grow into artful visual and audible expression at once. Dancing a mandala is centering and challenging--an exciting way to discover how the body learns to express rhythm in a multidimensional way.

In addition to being a form all its own, Mandala Drumming is part of all DiRRiD events except for Buk training.

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