Buk Drumming

The Buk drum came, along with Buddhism, from India to China, then to Korea and Japan. In Korea it is played in the temple and in folk music. Heidrun's style of teaching Buk drumming is a blend of the Korean Buk and Japanese Taiko style, and discovering it in this way is like finding a new partner in life, one who is patient and present like a mirror, standing up straight, face to face with you like a dance partner. This drum can be played subtly and strong, fast but tender, almost still, or large and elaborate, freely enjoying the body's flow while striking the drum. Playing Buk is centering and invigorating, and is a thorough way to discover and eliminate blockages in both mind and body. It becomes an oasis in life and a source for one's own music and unique dance.

Drumming can be more than just fun.

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