Taiko Drumming

Taiko is the Japanese word for drum. Taiko drums are mostly played in a group. Therefore, the word Taiko also means ensemble drumming with Japanese drums.

I always felt called to play the kind of drums and percussion instruments that incorporate dance: Taiko is one of them. Playing Taiko is a high-energy workout as well. It is a way to celebrate life, expression, creativity.

During my experience as a member of San Jose Taiko (www.taiko.org), I discovered that for me playing Taiko strengthens and opens up my movements. The low stance kata (form) that San Jose Taiko teaches develops beauty and core strength - Hara, useful in all areas of life. It is a physical celebration of pounding rhythms in movement and graceful dance. In Taiko I discover a sense of flowing creativity and freedom in space that is simply amazing to experience. The changes and layers of the Taiko rhythms, the jumping from one drum to the next, the connection with others, all bring joy to my heart.

My style of playing is shaped by San Jose Taiko’s kata (form) associated with a low stance, yet has found its own flow, letting contemporary moves merge with the more upright style of playing Changgo and Buk. I love being in a state of movement that constantly searches for the center, one’s own inner core at the same time radiating outward, sending power and strength to the people around me.

Please contact info@dirrid.com if you’d like to get a taste.

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