The CHANGGO is one of the oldest Asian drums and plays an important role in Korean music. Since it comes in different sizes, it is very accessible for a child or an adult.

This drum is shaped like an hourglass, and it can be played sitting, or the drum can be tied around the body and one can dance with it while drumming. One side has a bass sound called Kung Pjon, while the opposite side is higher in pitch and is called Cha Pjon. Both sides are tunable in relation to each other. Two different kinds of mallets produce a variety of sounds that give the impression that a few different drums are played at once. To sit and play is both a meditation for the player and the listener. The jazzy way of playing invites one to contemplate and to feel the sounds moving through the body.

Since the Changgo is quite light in weight, it is effortless to carry and dance with, even swirling around with it. The drum and the body melt into a unit and allow the playing to be very spacious, beautiful and fascinating to watch. The strong visual aspect of playing the Changgo as a dance transmits a sense of freedom, and allows the player to grow into one’s own creativity.

Playing the Changgo trains left/right independence. It is an exciting type of Brain Gym.

Heidrun’s style of playing the Changgo is both traditional and contemporary. She currently offers private classes. Please contact info@dirrid.com.

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