Experience the dazzling magic of Heidrun Hoffmann as she synthesizes dynamic world beat rhythms with dance and vocalization. Her unique style and presence delight the senses as drumsticks leap joyously among a whole family of drums and other percussion instruments.

To attend a concert by Heidrun Hoffmann is to sign up for a journey—a journey of the senses that leads through a vast geography of rhythms and percussion instruments. Drop into trance, leap irresistibly to your feet to dance with the rhythms, stare in awe, laugh with the delight of a child as the rhythmical journey bounces across a liquid landscape or floats, cloud-like, into worlds you had not imagined.

You travel from the lightness of steel drums and complexity of tschanggo, into a subtle and exciting blend of the world’s rhythms, where a Brazilian samba sounds right at home on a family of Korean sam buk. A set of cymbals sing a love duet before your eyes, ringing, hissing, and laughing against one another. The otherworldly ring of the birimbau invites you into your own, deep interior.

Heidrun, herself, is a visual wonder, dancing and leaping with apparent effortlessness through the musical landscape, at times singing, finding the space amidst some amazingly intricate piece to flash a smile at her audience, without missing a beat. With the grace of a deer and the dynamism of a magician, she embodies feminine power in a manner that is both engaging and inspirational.

Holly Blue Hawkins, Author,
The Heart of The Circle: A Guide to Drumming
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