Dance in Rhythm – Rhythm in Dance is a way to connect with Rhythm through movement, dance and drumming. It is a path of awareness to be with oneself a rhythmical being, acknowledging the powers rhythm has to offer. In DiRRiD we listen to the heartbeat inside and out.

Rhythm is life.

Being in rhythm connects us all, and reawakens our inner resources for living. In DiRRiD we study ways to share simple rhythm steps and develop them into complex layers of rhythm that enter our nervous system. It builds the ability to understand and express rhythm through the body, the drum, through voice, and with small percussion instruments. It takes fears away, and teaches how to transfer emotions like anger and sadness into the creative energy of being in rhythm with your whole body and the drum.

In DiRRiD everybody is part of movement journeys through landscapes of rhythm and dance.

Dance in Rhythm - Rhythm in Dance:

For information about classes and individual sessions and to be put on our email list, please email: info@dirrid.com

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